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Welcome to our nomadic lifestyle where our view is always changing and our love for nature is never ending!










 Jake in the Redwood Forest                                           Photo by: Deorin Payne

"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time."

            -Katrina Mayer

Little tidbits about us:

Rene: Retired, AT&T Corporate Manager, EMT Instructor, Dive Instructor, Red Cross Director of Safety Services (LA)

Current: Expert Genealogist Researcher

Beth: Semi-retired, Police Officer, and EMT.

Current:  Photographer specializing in children/families/adventure photography. 

We are so glad you stopped in! Welcome to our RV home come sit a spell, enjoy some tea or coffee, and maybe something you see on our site will inspire you to "get out there" and discover your own adventures! 


I'm Beth and my husband is Rene McGee. We sold our home and almost everything we owned to live on the road full time.  Every full-time Rv'er has their own unique journey and we have followed many RV'ers that came before us. They inspired us as we soaked in as much knowledge as we could before we hit the hopes to avoid some mistakes and pitfalls. Spoiler alert, we found our own awkward first flops and fails. But that's just life and part of the adventure!

 Our journey began searching for more adventure and lifestyle change soon after we both recovered from Cancer. My husband's cancer was unrelenting with a late stage 4 cancer diagnosis. What he endured seemed unsurvivable but his oncology team and Bone Marrow Transplant team saw him through to a remarkable recovery, along with a lot of prayers.

On his 1 year anniversary of his B.M.Transplant I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But let me tell you...after all I witnessed him go through, my cancer was  n o t h i n g , and was caught very early. The word grateful comes to mind for so many reasons. One being that we didn't go through it at the same time! We took care of each other like our lives depended on it. It  drew us closer to each other that put our relationship on a level most never get to experience. See cancer does have it's perks! (Disclaimer, I would never wish it on anyone!) One of those perks was looking to see how we could spend more time together and how we could travel and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature and all the diversity she has to offer.

   I (Beth) had an ER co-worker and dear friend who was preparing to go full-time RVing with her RN husband and 2 small children. They openly shared their triumphs and their struggles as they purchased an old 5th wheel they gutted and rebuilt.


     Rene and I watched and learned as much as we could...and we started talking about what it might look like for us if we did something similar.  Our friends were in their 30's and we weren't getting any younger. So, at 51 and 64 we decided to move forward and begin the planning stage. Because after all, there is a LOT to consider and so much to learn. And that learning really never ends, jajajaja. It's all part of the journey!


We also were very fortunate to have several family members who were full time RVer's.  They became an invaluable resource as we started our journey into the nomadic lifestyle and become known as the "Land Drifter's." 


There is a reason for the name. How we roll is sum it up ,our beginning, and how we travel is best described as "slow roller's," lol! We were not in any rush to get out there, nor are we in any rush to get anywhere.

  We don't want the touristy locations and we don't want to sit on a concrete pad in a line of RV units 20 ft apart. We look for more remote (!), less traveled roads, that lead to locations where we can boondock using our own power sources.   We typically won't travel more then 3 to 4 hours a day. So, if we see something interesting we stop to explore!


     On one of our trips we discovered a small sign on a highway about a historic church. We had one of our grandchildren with us, and to our delight, we discovered the church was the first interracial church in all of Kansas. Both of our kids are biracial and so are the grandchildren so to stumble across this old historical church was a great find! 


    Our style is, lots of research, back roads, and lots of exploring. We want to explore different communities, all diversities, and as much authentic cultures as we can on our way to remote locations.

     One thing we can say about the RV community-- most out there are really good about revealing their challenges and mistakes. 


     But we also have discovered what works for one may not work for another. It's really a process of trying to find what will work best for you and your own unique set of circumstances. So, cheers to your discoveries and may you find all the adventures are worth all of the struggles and challenges!

(to read more of our story check out Blogging "Our start".)

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