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Coach Rehab Reveal

This was a long time coming! We are still wrapping up some small projects but most of the "heavy" work has been done.

    Before                                                                                                    After

bdrm-2 PS BD14.jpg
Before Gold closet_edited.jpg
2900-2 BB2.jpg
closet barn door-2 BB2.jpg
kit-stove-2 BB2.jpg
water closet-2 BB2.jpg
photo wall-2 BB2.jpg
sink-2 BB2.jpg
down the hall-2 BB2.jpg
down the back-2 BB.jpg
desk bar area.jpg
Chaos rehab.jpg
down the middle-2 BB2.jpg

The above photo shows how much chaos we had to live in and around during the construction! We never planned on living in it while rehabbing it. But Covid changed our plans and living arrangements drastically.

kit-tea-2 BB2.jpg
kit fridge-2.jpg
cab area-2 BB2.jpg

As we continue to finish up lighting, bathroom tile, shower, install new cabinets, window treatments, lithium batteries, and solar power we will update the site with new photos.

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